How do I get to Maranza or to the agreed meeting point?
A free shuttle is organised for all flights, which takes us to Mühlbach. From there you can take the cable car to Maranza every 10 minutes.

Is the cable car to Gitschberg included?
With the Almencard, the cable car ascent to the starting point is free of charge until 13 July and from 15 September. In the meantime, this offer has unfortunately been cancelled, but we will give you a discount of € 5. 

How long is a voucher valid for?
A voucher is valid for one year, if it has already expired, you should discuss this directly with your pilot.

Is it possible to book at short notice?
Thanks to our local location, flights can also be booked at short notice. However, a flight is highly dependent on the weather and we recommend that you contact us as early as possible.

How can I purchase a voucher?
If you are interested in a voucher, please contact us by e-mail or call us directly. We will get back to you as soon as possible and can make more detailed arrangements.

How can I receive the photos and video?
After the flight, you will receive the pictures taken by the pilot during the flight with the help of a special action camera directly on your smartphone at no extra charge.

Are children also allowed on board?
Children aged 4 and over can also fly with us, with their parents' consent. We usually fly with children in the morning, when the air is still very calm.

How heavy can I be?
The weight depends very much on the wind and your physical condition, in principle up to 100kg is no problem. If you exceed this weight, please let us know in advance.

When do we fly?
The flying season is all year round. In principle, we always fly, even during the week, if the flying weather permits. Due to our local location, we can also make appointments at short notice via telephone or information centres.

What to wear?
Dress normally according to the season. It is important to bring sturdy shoes and sunglasses, the pilot will take care of the rest.

What previous knowledge is required?
No previous experience is required, but you should be able to walk a few steps for the take-off and landing phase.

How can I book a flight?
You can contact us by WhatsApp, e-mail or telephone. You can find more information under Contact.

How long does a flight take?
We have various offers with different flight durations in our programme.

How do we take off & land?
The take-off is actually very unspectacular, after a short briefing we take off together and gently lift off. When we land, all we have to do is stretch out our legs and we glide gently over the grass.

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