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Tandem flights in the Gitschberg Jochtal region

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The Paragliding-Gitschberg team is the company for tandem paragliding flights in the Gitschberg-Jochtal region, South Tyrol. Book now!

Tandem paragliding flights are a great way to experience South Tyrol from a new perspective and see the picturesque landscapes of Maranza and the surrounding area from above with the team from Paragliding - Gitschberg. Whether you want to fly alone, as a couple or in a group, you will find the right offer at Paragliding-Gitschberg.

Our professional team consists of experienced and licensed pilots, some of whom have almost 20 years of flying experience and will guide you safely and competently through the skies above Maranza. You don't need any previous knowledge or equipment, just a desire for an unforgettable paragliding adventure. Convince yourself of our professionalism and book your tandem paragliding flight with Paragliding-Gitschberg now. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys in our beautiful Gitschberg-Jochtal region and feel nature up close.

Non-binding enquiries

Your tandem flight - an overview of the procedure


A successful flight depends heavily on the weather. Please contact us in good time to arrange a suitable date with optimal conditions. As soon as we have established contact and you are interested in a flight, we will stay in touch via WhatsApp and can arrange the exact purpose, time and meeting point.


After travelling up together on the cable car, we choose the best launch site according to the current wind direction. All launch sites are just a few steps away from the mountain station.

Each pilot will give you a personal, theoretical briefing on the take-off phase and you are ready to go. After a short run-up together, we take off gently.


In flight, you experience the comfort of an armchair, sit in front of the pilot and can enjoy the breathtaking view. You can also talk to the pilot during the flight, who will be happy to explain the landscape to you from above.


After a hopefully enjoyable flight comes the end, the landing. Before landing, we decide - based on the wind strength - whether to land upright with a few steps, or stretch out your legs and glide gently on your bum over the grass, supported by a foam protector in your harness.



Maximum safety, maximum fun!

Our safety and yours is our top priority - enjoy your tandem paragliding flight with peace of mind

With us, you fly with experienced, state-certified tandem pilots who have many years of flying experience. Our paragliding equipment meets the latest standards and is regularly checked for functionality and, of course, has the appropriate licences.

Please inform us of any health concerns such as dizziness, fear of heights, circulatory problems or other physical limitations when you register. We will make sure that your flying experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible.


Adventure & fun for the kids


Our little guests can also experience an exciting flight thanks to our special equipment, such as the children's harnesses.

Give your children an adventure or enjoy a flight with your son or daughter that you will remember for a long time.

“Our team is ready for your experience”

Unser Team


Our team Martin, Stefan, Christian & Armin is characterised by professionalism, good teamwork and many years of experience. Although we started paragliding as a hobby, it is important to us that it always remains a hobby - having fun and enjoying flying. This attitude is reflected in our work, as we endeavour with passion and enthusiasm to provide our guests with a safe and exciting adventure in the air

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Our offers


Gliding flight

For beginners & connoisseurs;
calm and relaxed
glide from the mountain into the valley.

150,00 €

Price included
(all inclusive services)

to the offer


Pair flight

So that you can enjoy the experience
enjoy the experience together,
we also offer flights for couples.

150,00 € p. P.

Price included
(all inclusive services)

to the offer


Thermal flight

For the adventurous;
overcoming gravity, circling in the updraft and flying high.

150,00 - 190,00 €

Price included
(all inclusive services)

to the offer


Trial flight

For the curious,
who want to experience the adventure of paragliding.

from 120,00 €

Price included
(all inclusive services)

to the offer


Group flight

Plan a special event with your friends.

150,00 € p. P.

Price included
(all inclusive services)

to the offer


“Happy passengers”

Gaby & Dean

Hello Martin and Stefan,
many thanks for the unforgettable flight, the pictures turned out great! We're back in LA, but are already planning our next trip to the beautiful Puster Valley ... and of course fly with you again.

Best wishes and continued success, Gaby & Dean

Diana Danz

Hello Martin,
I wanted to thank you again for the great experience. We've been back in Germany since yesterday evening, but my thoughts are in South Tyrol. I'll be in touch again next year for the next flight.


Hi Martin, I would like to thank you once again for this cool :) tandem flight. It was just great, I would love to do a flight every day. The photos turned out great, thank you very much! It was just a shame that we couldn't do the second flight :). I'm already looking forward to seeing you again and to the next flight.
Best regards from Switzerland, Susanne

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